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Thread: Where do you focus?

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    Where do you focus?

    Where do you usually focus on an aircraft, cockpit, fuselage, wing or ??
    I mainly take civilian aircraft like 737, busses, 747 etc, and usually focus on the name (ie Jetblue) behind the cockpit. I use AV on my Nikon D300 and try to use F8 if I can get away with it, but sometimes I don't think all of the aircraft are in focus. I mostly use my 70-300 VR or when they're close my 17-55 f:2,8.

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    @ F8 there should be lots in focus unless you are front on. The Depth of field at F8 is suitable for most things. Anything higher (lower number) will have issues however.

    If its a focus thing then, your lens may not be up to it, or you may only be getting a low shutter speed.

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