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Thread: What lens do I need?

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    What lens do I need?


    Can anyone help me? I want to start taking plane pictures and for that, i'm going to need a zoom lens. I have a Panasonic Lumix G10. What lens should I get?

    Would this lens be okay? I want to do a combination of plane shots, ranging from aircraft on the ground to planes at 18000ft etc.


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    I don't think the Lumix is a true SLR and the link is for a 45-200mm zoom lens. It depends what you want to capture but for higher altitude shots, most of the active photographers I know use an SLR with a 400mm IS lens costing around £1,000.

    Maybe consider an alternative such as the Panasonic DMC-FZ150 or other bridge camera?

    Tom Drake, a very experienced and well known aviation photographer, has posted a very interesting message about swapping from a very expensive SLR setup to a lower cost bridge camera. His DMC-FZ150 has a 24 x optical zoom lens that's the equivalent of 25-600mm and all for around GBP £300.

    Have a read of Tom's post:

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    Ah okay, thanks for your help

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