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Thread: Odd news, Toxic Air, Radiation, safety

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    TWO of British Airways’ most talented pilots have died after complaining of years of exposure to toxic oil fumes on board passenger planes.
    Karen Lysakowska, 43, was buried last Tuesday, while Richard Westgate, also 43, was laid to rest four days before.
    Both believed they had been poisoned by the toxic oil fumes that can contaminate cabin air and which regularly forces pilots to don oxygen masks in order to breathe.
    Lawyers for Mr Westgate now want to “give him the trial he never got” by suing the airline in a case they say will be a “moment of truth” for the aviation industry.
    They say they are on the cusp of proving in a court of law the existence of “aerotoxic syndrome”, a chronic physical and neurological condition they predict will one day be seen as “the new asbestos”.
    Thousands of pilots are currently “unfit to fly”, one specialist doctor believes.
    Official records from the Civil Aviation Authority show that oxygen masks are being donned by pilots and crew at the rate of at least five times a week to combat suspected “fume events”.
    In some cases, crew members have passed out yet in almost all incidents, passengers are unaware.
    The air enters the cabin unfiltered via a bleed pipe off the jet engine where any oil leak at high temperature can cause the release of a dangerous mix of compounds, including potentially toxic organophosphates.

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    PASSENGER jets risk “dropping out of the sky” because airlines refuse to fit detectors that could save pilots from poisonous cabin air, a toxicologist told the Sunday Express.
    Professor Chris van Netten, former US government adviser, says the industry is putting profits before the health and safety of passengers or crew.
    He says that by failing to fit monitors that can “easily” detect leaks of odourless, colourless and toxic carbon monoxide, there is always the risk that pilots could inhale fumes and be rendered incapable of safely flying the plane.
    Professor van Netten, who is Canadian, is a world authority on bleed-air contamination.
    He said: “Carbon monoxide is a relatively rare event but it’s an acute one that can bring an aircraft down.
    “When it happens you want to know what is going on because it is incapacitating and you want to be able to flush it out.
    If you can put detectors in the home, why not put them in the aircraft?”
    He says they could avert “the worst situation that can make a plane drop out of the sky” and adds that fitting them as standard is “the least” airlines can do.
    He claims the failure to fit detectors is symptomatic of a general attitude in the industry towards concerns over cabin air, adding: “If they were to officially admit the aircraft air was not healthy, they are in big trouble financially. They would be bankrupt.” The professor’s warning comes amid growing concern about the safety of cabin air. Last Sunday we revealed that two top British Airways pilots, Richard Westgate and Karen Lysakowska, had died within a month of each other aged 43.

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