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Thread: At last EDLM is happy with his set up

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    Technical modification.

    yesterday,. I got rid of my 10m Repeater cable from SBS to Computer,.

    So now my set up is from SBS-1er to a Single USB2 Port MFP and Storage Server.
    then to a Powerline connection.Which sorted out Ae-SBS-too top side.

    In the Comp room. The Powerline is connected to my Router,. and therefore
    feeds my Comp and what is connected to my Router.

    But,.. I cant,..use the SBS on two places at once,so its either
    Computer or Lappy for the SBS.

    Why didnt I use this system at the beginning,. would have saved
    buying Repeater cables,. and all the work for boring holes and laying
    for the cables.And having cables lying around.

    Bit expensive,. But..! I recon it is worth it.

    So,. if you have a electrical circuit that goes 300metre away,
    that how far you could get away from your ADS-B Reciever.
    Main thing, Its the same Electric Circuit.

    Ae-on Roof.jpgThats my 1090SJ on the roof1090SJ.JPG Thanks Jim,. "Great Antenne"


    Since the 14th June,. I have Updated to a SBS3.
    therefore I can now use the SBS-1er as Mobile,
    Still have to sort an Uploader out.

    Big Thanks for the Birthday wishes today(28.6.2012)
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