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Thread: Anyone problems with Android 4.0?

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    Anyone problems with Android 4.0?

    Or is there maybe something wrong with my new tablet?
    Flightradar could be downloaded and installed but much to my disappointment it doesn't work.
    On my smartphone (still android 2.3) it works like a charm...!)
    On my phone I have the paid version. On my tablet for now I was trying the free version.

    Thanks for reading and if you have an answer for me that would be great of course :-)


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    Hi Caprice.

    Try removing the App then restart your Tablet, before downloading the App again.

    Mike / Speedbird
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    Thanks for the suggestion Speedbird, I just tried it,

    and when I downloaded the app it said 'packetfile not valid' (anyway, in Dutch it was 'pakketbestand niet geldig' so I translated it into English).
    It installed without problems but when I open the app it aborts.

    It says: flightradar stopped, do you want to send a report?

    Any other ideas maybe?


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