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Thread: SAS first airline to operate 'curved approaches' at Arlanda

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    SAS first airline to operate 'curved approaches' at Arlanda

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    SAS said it became the first airline "to be granted formal permission by the Swedish Transport Agency to use curved approaches" with its 737NGs when landing on Stockholm Arlanda's third runway. With this method, the approach uses GPS instead of the airport ILS and "follows an S-shaped curve to the runway," reducing noise exposure in sensitive areas around the airport. “We are proud to be leading the way in using advanced system support to make our flights more efficient. The technology behind curved approaches provides us with the opportunity to further streamline our green approaches and to make even greater emission reductions," SAS Environmental Director Lars Andersen Resare said.

    Separately, SAS said it will implement its Self-Service Baggage Drop at Arlanda's domestic terminal in September. The program was launched in Norway last year. The carrier said that "the fully automated system is equipped with SAS biometric technology and does not require any staffing." It recognizes the baggage allowance to which each passenger is entitled. "For example, if the customer is traveling on a business class ticket, or is a EuroBonus Gold or Silver card holder, the system automatically adjusts the baggage allowance."

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    I've heard about the biometric baggage drop test in Norway.
    It seems like all staff are being reduced and automated, not only pilots :P

    I wish them success with the S curve approach

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