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Thread: Harrier jump jet.

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    Harrier jump jet.

    I am a member of an avaition club/society and in their latest magazine, I notice an article about Bletchley Park, the one time secret decoding centre in Bletchley where I live, actually only about 5 min walk from the location.
    Anyway the Bletchley park trust, the governing body there, has apparently given the local Air cadet Corps notice to move the Harrier jet fighter that the Corps has at the park.Because it is not in keeping with the parks world war 2 image. Now I have been thinking about this, and I think there might be some slight "snobbery" creeping in here, surley youngsters in the Air Cadet Corps should be encouraged, not put off. I dont know how they managed to get hold of a Harrier, but I do know it is the real thing not a mock up.
    One thing that slightly annoys me, is that the Trust did not hesitate to sell some of Bletchley Park land for developers to build houses on recently surely THAT is not in the keeping with the world war two image of the park either ? But wait a minute, they would have made money out of that deal, but something for the kids they are not making money out of so it has to stinks !
    I would think they can find a corner of the existing park land for the Harrier ? I hope it finds a new home and does not get broken up.


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    Hi Bill.

    Here's some photos of it looking a bit tatty, but nothing a lick of paint won't fix.

    Here's photo of it in its former glory.

    This is an interesting thread on PPRune.

    Judging by this, there are big plans for Bletchley Park.

    Lets hope this aircraft is saved, as a lot of these where sold to the US Marine Corps.

    Mike / Speedbird
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