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Thread: Pilatus pc12/47

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    Pilatus pc12/47

    Had a rare plane fly over today, i have never heard of one before. It was a Pilatus PC-12/47
    Reg. C-FPXY Hex CO2AOB callsign 3 belonging to Pixie Air.I was amazed how fast it was for a turboprop, it was clocking nearly 350 mph. I tracked it to Fairoaks Airfield near Chobham . These planes are built in Switzerland.I could not get a pic of it as i have not got a decent camera. Here's one from JetPhoto's.
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    Hi Speedbird,

    They use the PC12 with the Royal Flying Doctor Service over here in South Australia, I hadn't even heard of them until I got here - but i'm not a plane buff so that means nothing.

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    yeah caught it on radar, south of GLAS and PRWK, seems to be where it operates from. Nice aircraft, pretty nippy!

    good find! They seem to be mainly operated as buisiness a/c, they look to be pretty economical


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