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    SBS-3 Kinetic Announcing the SBS-3 - PAST – PRESENT – FUTURE - 3 Receivers in one box


    Watch this space ...
    Read the exclusive announcement
    in Radio User Magazine
    Mode S Receiver and VHF/UHF Software defined Radio
    AIS Receiver and Marine band Software defined Radio

    Can receive modeS, AIS, vhf/uhf Airband and vhf Marine band all at the same time

    Network connectable PC not needed !
    Network will support 8 concurrent connections potential for audio streaming and outputting Raw Data.
    Software for both Windows and Apple MAC provided !

    Price less than £500 but no availability date yet possibly end September.



    Forum Topic: September Radio User

    Kinetic Avionics SBS-3 all new product - £499.95
    Wow that is all we can say. Well done Kinetic for developing a fantastic new product for Mode S aircraft and AIS signals for marine monitoring. Included is a wonderfull VHF/UHF airband software defined and a VHF marine software defined receiver.
    Be the first to have one in your shack.


    There is now 3 picture of the new SBS-3 on the Kinetic eStore website and a short description of its facilities.

    SBS-3 Photos Links: Front shot , Rear shot , Side shot

    UPDATE # 3:
    Forum thread:


    SNEAK PEEK .....SBS-3

    Dedicated 1090 MHz Tuner

    Plus Two SDR Tuners :- AM / FM / VHF / UHF / 27Mhz - 980 MHZ /

    Plus High Speed Ethernet Plus USB Plus On-board Decoding 1090Mhz SSR ADSB

    Plus Optional ACARS / UAT / AIS and many others.
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