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Thread: Accident and Incidents here (STICKY Cont.)

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    A advertising blimp flying near the U.S. Open golf tournament in Wisconsin, United States crashed Thursday.
    Blimp was a 1-man aircraft.

    Photos of the blimp over the U.S. Open before it crashed.

    Owner/operator: Airsign Inc
    Registration: G-SUNA
    C/n / msn: 0010

    AirSign‏ Twitter
    Thanks to everyone for your concerns, the blimp pilot is being taken to the hospital but is expected to be ok. No details on cause of crash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oblivian View Post
    Catestrophic engine failure resulting in 'washing machine' flight for Air-Asia X
    This particular airline is proving to be very incident-prone, especially on flights into Australia. There are questions already about why this flight turned back to Perth when there was a perfectly suitable but remote alternate available at Learmonth, that would have nearly been visible out of the right window when the engine failed. Of course there are commercial considerations in having a disabled aircraft positioned at a major airport but there is also the generally observed principle that a twin-engined passenger plane with one engine out is put on the ground ASAP and that means the nearest suitable strip.

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