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Thread: Airport power shutdown in Calcutta Airport

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    Airport power shutdown in Calcutta Airport

    Several flights were delayed after power supply to the Air Traffic Control (ATC) in the city airport had to be cut off when smoke started coming out of electrical wiring on the ground floor of the building on Monday night.

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    Airport fire shuts ATC for 20 minutes

    KOLKATA: A fire at the power distribution room of Kolkata airport shut down the air traffic control (ATC) for 20 minutes on Monday night, hours after the chief minister's visit.

    With flights disappearing from the radars, controllers could only hope and pray. Thankfully, there were no incidents - incoming flights were put on hover and overflying aircraft maintained their altitude.

    Power at the international terminal remained disrupted till after midnight. The smoke alarm went off at 9.50pm. Power was immediately shut off. The source of the fire- one of the capacitors linked to the ATC -was detected but the ATC could not restart operations until the capacitor was replaced.

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