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Thread: Easy604A Squawking 7700

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    Easy604A Squawking 7700

    Another 7700/Emergancy landing this week

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    Hi Jordan.

    This looks like it was something minor, the aircraft departed PLI at 21:05 UTC then just as it was passing toulouse at FL380 it descended 26,000ft in 6 minutes to FL120 and then landed at 22:14 UTC ( The crew must put the wrong flight number in, as it arrived at TLS with EZY604A and departed TLS @ 23:10 UTC using the correct one EZY6046) the aircraft was on the ground for just under an hour.

    This was a different EasyJet emergency from the 9th of June.
    It was a technical problem>

    Update: according to a thread on PPRune it was a fuel leak.

    It can be seen on FR24 Playback departing LPL at 05:59 UTC and climbing to FL180 before returning.

    Mike / Speedbird
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