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Thread: Radarbox Sharing Preference

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    Radarbox Sharing Preference

    A labour saving utility that will start RadarBox with the Share Data option unchecked.

    If you don't want to upload your data to the AirNav server, this will save you having to uncheck the option everytime you start RadarBox.,4573.0.html

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    Here's a link to the zip which will always contain the latest version:

    A word from Dave Reid

    I've just posted a utility that may be of interest to RadarBox users who
    prefer not to upload their local flights data to the AirNav subscription
    network, for whatever reasons.

    RadarBox, while it provides the ability to disable uploading on a
    per-session basis, doesn't remember a user's sharing preference setting from
    one session to the next. provides an easy way to ensure that
    users preferences are applied automatically for every RadarBox session -
    simply use this utility to start RadarBox in non-sharing mode, or start RB
    in the normal way if you want sharing on by default.

    Please note that this is not intended as an enticement or encouragement for
    users either to enable or disable sharing, simply as a means of applying
    preferences in a convenient way.

    Uploading of your RadarBox data to free networks such as PlanePlotter is not
    affected by use of this utility.

    Feedback welcomed - enjoy !

    Dave Reid
    Reading, Berkshire

    Hope it will work with the AirNav Shiptrax software!
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