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    help needed

    Hi everybody,

    Have already posted in the flightradar24 "department" for a possible solution concerning a bug (?) I'd experienced. No replies so far. Should probably have better done here, as I might more adress the SBS-1 "feeders", that I could imagine suffer the same phenomenon as I do.

    Appreciate your kind help,


    Hi everybody ,
    I’m new to the forum, feeding SBS-1 Data to flightradar24 since a couple of days.

    Perfect so far, exept for the following bug (?), that might have been discussed here before, but overlooked by myself despite of a more or less intensive search in this forum concerning my request:

    As soon as I’m trying to “minimize” the “modeS Sharing application” window into the taskbar by means of its “(-) switch”, the existing taskbar icon / switch completely disappears, consequently making the above window (and thus the ModeS sharing application) not at all accessible any more. Same also happens, if I hit the “icon / switch” in the taskbar itself.

    A new start of “ModeS.exe” application then will result in a steady error reporting in the “Console-2-Uploader” section , and data upload is discontinued.

    PC restart the only means then to get out of the above situation.

    Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium..

    Any help highly appreciated of course. If there should be a corresponding thread here already, the better. Please advise.

    Thanks so much for efforts,


    Edited 13.02.11

    Hmm, no answer so far.

    Should have mentioned, that the bug also happens to appear on a second PC. Win 7 also the operating system, but 32 bit rather than 64 bit as with the one mentioned above.
    Should I better have posted in "SBS-1 and BaseStation" instead of here? Will try, if there will be no reply furthermore.


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    Hi Karl.

    Windows 7 has known issues with programs that contain maps. If you are using Internet Explorer, this also causes problems, try using Chrome or Firefox.
    I don't know if this will help, but give it try. If that does not work, somebody on here should have the answer.

    Mike / Speedbird

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    Are you sure that the icon is gone? Isn't it just hidden?

    If icons disappear from the taskbar it's some kind of problem with your windows.

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    Red face

    Much appreciated your replies Mike / speedbird and Mike,
    and Yes !!! Mike the "hidden icon" beeing my "problem" of course (should have known myself ), and the application to be
    recalled as mentioned by you above.
    And Yes !!! Mike / speedbird: using Firefox , it's operating "smoother".

    Thanks once more gents,

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