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Thread: Aircraft misidentified on map

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    Aircraft misidentified on map

    Recently I followed an aircraft of interest and was surprised to note the aircraft type and ground speed. The aircraft was shown as a BE40 with a ground speed of 88 kts. I doubt you will see a Beechcraft 400XP zipping around at that ground speed unless it's in an extreme climb or dive or something. So I pulled it up on ADS-B Exchange and it was shown as a Robinson helicopter. That's a little more believable :-)
    So how does this happen? Has a pilot entered the wrong code in some black box or something? Thanks.

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    Flightradar24 has an extensive database detailing aircraft registration, Mode S address, age, aircraft type and more. Due to the large volume of data and continual updates there are occasionally minor inaccuracies. If you'd like to submit aircraft details corrections, please do so by posting the corrections directly on our Forum thread below:
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