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Thread: Transmit and recieve

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    Transmit and recieve

    Hi all i want to set up my own radar now, but i have not enough space for antennas.
    On mu roof i have an alphadelta dxcc antenna for my shortwave transiever.
    Now i want mounting an ads-b antenna just under the shortwave antenna.
    But when im gonna transmit with 100watt on shortwave would my radar reciever damage from the rf fields off my transmit antenna?

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    This LNA filters out quite a bit, so you might even be able to continue receiving ADS-B while you transmit:

    But it's probably hard to say how much power would actually be transmitted into the ADS-B antenna.
    That depends on how directional in the vertical plane your TX antenna is and also how the reception of the ADS-B antenna is.

    Don't know how much power it would take to damage a dongle or the LNA described above.
    Maybe the LNA above with an additional filter in front of it, something like the filter offered by FA?

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    I have a multi-band doublet antenna located within approx 2 metres of my ADS-B antenna and there has been no indication of problems. My transmissions are mainly digital and up to 50 W pep. Local cellphone towers and other high-VHF/UHF signals are more likely to give you a problem.

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