After using FR24 for many years, time for me to supply data for FR24. I am putting together a shopping list. Looking at this Raspberry Pi , what else do I need to get it working, apart from the obvious additional,
Heatsinks for 'hot' parts
RPi case of some sort.If possible, prefer no fan.
Good quality power supply, because of 24/7 operation
4GB MicroSD card for the Pi24 software. Is there any benefit of a larger capacity card?
ADS-B USB dongle receiver
Antenna with connection to suit the dongle. Initialy the small internal antenna will do to get everything working. Then it is onto the roof.
HDMI cable to connect RPi to monitor.
Do you need a keyboard attachment?
Ethernet cable to connect RPi to network
MicroSD Card Reader for connection to computer and download image

Is it 'better' to get the latest RPi version 4? or will any version do the job? Do the later versions do the job easier and also better for setup?

What is the benefit of larger RAM, as I see 1, 2 or 4 MB RAM.

I don't fancy the RPi and power supply in my roof space, and also, temps up there exceed 50C for several months a year, so I will have a few choices:
(a) Extend my coax to be approx. 20 metres to the RPi. Thoughts on RG58 or RG400 coax, and or preamp?
(b) Shorten coax to about 10 metres, placing the RPi in a room under the antenna mount and run a cat6 cable from RPi 10 metres to router. Due to wall insulation, wifi terrible.

Looking forward to my journey.