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Thread: Aircraft colors

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    Aircraft colors

    I'm using http://[IP OF PI]/dump1090/gmap.html to see the airplanes I'm tracking.

    Version 1.15 of dump1090-mutability is the decoder.

    I might have used the Pi Aware image when I remember there being a color code that told the altitude of the aircraft.

    All I'm seeing now is the colors and of course if I click on them I can see details such as altitude, etc.

    Is this just the difference in not using the Pi Aware image?

    Thanks in advance

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    dump1090-fa has a different webinterface:

    On top of dump1090-fa you can even use my improved web interface:

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    As wiedehopf stated the PiAware image is using dump1090-fa with an adjusted web interface with different colors. That's why you might remember the different layout.

    I use the improved version provided by wiedehopf giving even more comfort from different angles.

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