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Thread: Automated Installation of AcarSDeco2 on RPi

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    Automated Installation of AcarSDeco2 on RPi

    (1) Easy Installation - Just copy-paste one command to run bash script and it does everything.

    (2) Automatic start - systemd service automatically starts it at boot/reboot.

    (3) Easy monitoring & control - Provides commands systemctl status, systemctl stop, systemctl start, and systemctl restart.

    (4) Easy configuration - Provides a separate config file in simple format, each config item on a separate line, starting with --

    (5) Blacklisting of rtl-sdr - The installation script creates a blacklist file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rtl-sdr.conf with required blacklist entries, preventing error: failed to connect/open rtl-sdr device.



    To uninstall and remove all files, issue following 4 commands:
    sudo systemctl stop ad2
    sudo systemctl disable ad2
    sudo rm /lib/systemd/system/ad2.service
    sudo rm -rf /usr/share/ad2

    (1) Running AcarSDeco2 AND dump1090 on Same Pi

    (2) Running AcarSDeco2 AND ModeSDeco2 on Same Pi
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