I have a PiAware image installation, also running FR24feed.

I notice that FR24 provides a list that I would like to be able to grab as text.

FR24 Feeder Tracked Aircraft List
Updated: 17:52:01 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
ModeS: 71BE24 Callsign: KAL213
Lat: 37.7249
Long: -123.7923
Alt: 34975ft
SQW: 1455

ModeS: A28904 Callsign: UAL1451
Lat: 37.8682
Long: -122.6399
Alt: 13400ft
SQW: 6646

I'd like to grab that sort of info as a text output, but "curl" doesn't catch it.

function update_aircraft() {
$.ajax({url:'/flights.json?time=' + $.now(), dataType:'json', type:'get', data: $.now() }).done(function(data){update_aircraft_cb(data);}) ;

Is there a command line I could use to grab the data from dump1090-fa?