I have been happily feeding FR24 data for a few months using a very cheap, generic dingle. My range is constantly about 75NM despite the using several differing aerials. In an attempt to improve my coverage I have bought and installed an RTL-SDR Blog V3 dongle; my coverage has now all but vanished.

Often the status on my dashboard shows as "Online - No Data" and when it seems to be running without issue I only get very few hits and no increase in positions received.

The aerial connection seems good, which I have tested by running the dongle with SDR software. It works well and looses reception as I unplug the aerial, suggesting that there is no problem.

I guess that I don't have to make any configuration changes when moving to the RTL-SDR dongle? Any suggestions as to what my problem may be, or things I can try?

Thank you.