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Thread: client crashing after awhile, linux + mr-dump1090

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    client crashing after awhile, linux + mr-dump1090

    my previously stable setup went unstable without me knowing, now that key is gone so I was given a new key.
    this new configuration is unstable,
    it crashes out and with no more service
    after this crash I
    # sudo service fr24feed status
    it reports
    Aug 06 13:23:46 nc4400 systemd[1]: fr24feed.service: Found left-over process 19462 (mr-dump1090) in control group while starting unit. Ignoring
    Aug 06 13:23:47 nc4400 fr24feed[943]:  * Starting FR24 feeder fr24feed
    Aug 06 13:23:47 nc4400 fr24feed[943]:    ...done.
    Aug 06 13:23:46 nc4400 systemd[1]: This usually indicates unclean termination of a previous run, or service implementation deficiencies.
    Aug 06 13:23:46 nc4400 systemd[1]: Starting LSB: Flightradar24 Decoder & Feeder...
    i use mr-dump1090
    fr24 config
    proper key
    --net --net-http-port 38080
    RAW YES or NO

    as usual the above does start & stop mr-dump1080 on port 38080

    I've rebooted the machine and the service on 8754 dies after awhile, did this several times.

    any ideas how to fix?

    also dmesg reports

    [ 102.306605] th_network_clie[1686]: segfault at 141fbbdc ip 00000000080abf8d sp 00000000f41fbb50 error 6 in fr24feed[8048000+a7000]
    [ 3519.904533] th_network_clie[3590]: segfault at 141fdbdc ip 00000000080abf8d sp 00000000f41fdb50 error 6 in fr24feed[8048000+a7000]
    [19873.246463] th_network_clie[19477]: segfault at 142fbbdc ip 00000000080abf8d sp 00000000f42fbb50 error 6 in fr24feed[8048000+a7000]
    [95869.872263] th_network_clie[2572]: segfault at 142fdbdc ip 00000000080abf8d sp 00000000f42fdb50 error 6 in fr24feed[8048000+a7000]
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