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Thread: Steady Red Light on RaspBerry Pi 3

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    Steady Red Light on RaspBerry Pi 3

    After having successfully followed all FlighRadar24 website procedure to set my RaspBerryPi3, everything is now up and running.

    Just wondering if the steady red light on my RaspBerry is normal.
    During restart I have steady red, plus a blinking yellow close to it which disappear after initialisation process leaving the steady red alone.

    By surfing the internet it looks like a Red Steady Light means there is power but no readable boot instructions on the SD, which looks strange to me as everything is working...

    Any advice?

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    As I understand (take this with a grain of salt, I'm fairly new to Raspberry), the solid red light means it's powered up OK, while a blinking red light means it's not getting enough power. So you should be good to go.
    On my side, I too have a solid red, while powering the ADS-B dongle and feeding FR24.

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    That's normal

    A steady light shows the operation mode of the device
    The yellow light is flashing on network activity.

    Mine is working that way without any issues, feeding several sites

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