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Of this list,
How to Install dump1090-mutability_1.15~dev on RPi
Thread Sticky: Feed options for depreciated windows feeder
PI24: Replace dump1090 v1.14 -> pre-build package of dump1090 v1.15
Raspberry Pi:How To Install Raspian OS + Dump1090 + FR24 Data Feeder
2019 - PI24 (Image) QuickStart Guide

Do you think it may be an advantage to consolidate some of these individuals as there is some cross-over. Or should we do a trim down. (or break them down) to more specific roles depending on user need say..
"Install x " (guide only) + "Install-X Help"
Install multiple (guide only) + Install-multiple help
Pre-Buster Install
Stretch/Wheezy (if not current on those after buster changes) Install (if people dont want to upgrade)

You could then do a separate maps and addon type one on its own that all options could reference to once setup rather than reference them in each like some are currently.

I just note that there are some similarities between some of the original updates/edits. And others that are now defunct or not updated the same as the first couple with the script changes and buster etc playing a part. And users seem to be scared to ask (probably my fault) but instead of follow our step by steps, mix-and-match different scenarios and often get in trouble.

And I just wonder if too many options is getting a bit much now

Obviously the Pi24 is a good guide for those wanting to start out. It over-rides the website with a 1 stop shop solution. And to this date is still valid (until they change the image on us)
But all the others are pretty code/SSH intensive depending on user needs.

Thread Sticky: Feed options for depreciated windows feeder is also valid for the $0 approach (although most people seem to have given up now with lack of SBS read)

I do wonder if a 'how to get the base going' sort of one left as that. And a separate addon-s and features type group may then give people the option to get things going and sit on it for a while before diving in too deep and hitting rocks would be better to a newbie.

With the Buster variants, and tidying up of the How to Install dump1090-mutability_1.15~dev on RPi recently it looks as if Some of the same instructions appear to fall in the Raspberry Pi:How To Install Raspian OS + Dump1090 + FR24 Data Feeder?

Without making his head too big, wiedehopfs' fairly solid bash that does checks before changes, and as a team we've been able to get it to a point where it seems to fix quite a few of the issues struck that most users are reporting (with some massaging depending on which guide was read, errors struck but not reported or how old the commands they ran were to break it..) And although its 'the competition' as it were, lets face it. It's a lot simpler than supporting 1.14 + 1.15 + wheezy + buster + non Pi if half the optional upgrades are included.


If we were go down that track, I wouldn't make a new one myself. As you won't have edit rights (unless I made the first post a what it covers breif, and then you do post 2 on..) Moving/splitting the current ones with the associated deleted 'fixed now- thanks!' type posts is a bit hard too.