I think you should be focusing on ensuring you have the right receiver/device type before replacing the feeder software - it shouldn't be reading 0

Depending on the method first setup it should have been fire and forget.
Host/IP should have been left blank per your earlier shot. Unless you followed some instructions and it is now only partly configured for one method while installing the other (IE type Beast-TCP IP/Port localhost:30005 instead)

Can you go back and answer the previous questions


First things first. Which instructions did you use to image the device. A guide here, or the very vague website ones? Some have additional steps that may have changed the way things work depending on which you follow.

Your best method for diagnosis. Is turn on logging. Or stop the feeder. And start it while watching full output for errors.

sudo systemctl stop fr24feed
sudo fr24feed

ctrl-z will cancel it once you see whats wrong. Chances are, it will be reporting error -6 because dump1090 has crashed and still running. A reboot and then re-checking the status is the best way to confirm this.