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Thread: Aircraft Track didn't work

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    Aircraft Track didn't work

    Hello people, unfortunately, the Airplane Track does not work for me. I have a USB stick (noxon DAB stick) with a RTL2832U chip. I configured this as described in the screenshots. What have I done wrong? Why are no planes found?

    2019-07-20 15_23_58-FR24 Feeder Status.png2019-07-20 15_24_11-FR24 Feeder Settings.jpg

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    Adverts that specify 'Fitpower', 'FC0012' or 'FC0013' are NOT suitable for ADSB
    Refer table:

    Your stick can't receive 1090 MHz.

    Recommended dongles: v3 dongle:
    Flightaware ProStick Plus:
    Green Radarbox Flightstick:
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    Yeah and the tuner goes to 1100 MHz.

    But the performance is terrible at 1090 MHz.

    In short it doesn't work for ADS-B.

    It will receive FM radio or Airband just fine by the way.
    Just not ADS-B
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