UP front... apologies.. I'm clueless here! Only exposure before this was the standard flightaware image which I never tweaked.

I've built a fresh install onto SD card using the fr24 image. It's up and running to a point, but 1090dump is NOT running.

When I visit http//myip:8754 this is what I'm seeing:
FR24 Link: Connected via UDP
FR24 Radar Code: T-EGPH192
Local IP(s):
Aircraft Tracked:
(ModeS & ADS-B) 0
Aircraft Uploaded: N/A
Receiver: beast-tcp, Connected
MLAT running: NO
Settings behind that are:
Receiver: ModeS Beast TCP
Baudrate: default
When I visit my dump1090 page. the map shows the following error message:
Problem fetching data from dump1090.
AJAX call failed (error: Not Found). Maybe dump1090 is no longer running?
The displayed map data will be out of date.
I've installed it afresh a couple of times... but am at a loss as to where I've messed up! I've got SSH ok...