Hi there !
This subject might have been already opened but I did not find it, sorry if I missed it.
I was using an Aurora Virtual Radar 3D receiver (w/Icom AH-8000 antenna on roof) and Flighradar24 windows software.
However since May 2019 this configuration is no longer supported by Flightradar24.
I ordered a Raspberry and DVB-T USB/dongle to replace.
But the dongle comes with a tiny indoor antenna.
I was wondering if ...
1_ can I replace DVB-T USB dongle with Aurora Virtual Radar 3D receiver ?
If yes I guess that that I have to change [Receiver selection] in step 4.1 of Raspeberry configuration with option 3 in place of option 1 ?
2_ can I keep my DVB-T USB/dongle but use my outdoor AH-8000 antenna connected to the dongle (need a MCX/SMA converter) in place of inside antenna ?

Thank you for any assistance