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Thread: Can I use Aurora Virtual Radar 3D/SSRx with Raspberry Pi3 ?

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    Can I use Aurora Virtual Radar 3D/SSRx with Raspberry Pi3 ?

    Hi there !
    This subject might have been already opened but I did not find it, sorry if I missed it.
    I was using an Aurora Virtual Radar 3D receiver (w/Icom AH-8000 antenna on roof) and Flighradar24 windows software.
    However since May 2019 this configuration is no longer supported by Flightradar24.
    I ordered a Raspberry and DVB-T USB/dongle to replace.
    But the dongle comes with a tiny indoor antenna.
    I was wondering if ...
    1_ can I replace DVB-T USB dongle with Aurora Virtual Radar 3D receiver ?
    If yes I guess that that I have to change [Receiver selection] in step 4.1 of Raspeberry configuration with option 3 in place of option 1 ?
    2_ can I keep my DVB-T USB/dongle but use my outdoor AH-8000 antenna connected to the dongle (need a MCX/SMA converter) in place of inside antenna ?

    Thank you for any assistance

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    Anmer may be able to update. But it seems not.

    A wide band antenna won't be much good for adsb.

    Best to forget that and stick with raspberry and DVBT stick.

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    I agree with Oblivian, go forward with your "Dongle"/RPi kit and, if your antenna works OK with the Aurora, try it with an MCX/SMA converter. If not, get a new antenna.

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    A dedicated ADS-B antenna is a lot better, but the discone will work, less range though.
    Also you might possibly have interference issues because the discone will receive other frequencies just as well as 1090 MHz.

    There are several DVB-T dongles available specifically for ADS-B.
    They have filtering and an low noise amplifier.

    For example:
    Flightaware Pro Stick Plus
    Radarbox (green) Airnav Flightstick

    Or you could get an external LNA:
    uputronics 1090MHz ADS-B Filtered Preamp (
    rlt-sdr LNA (

    External LNAs are better than the integrated ones in regards to filtering, which would be important for using a discone.
    Also you can place the LNA close to the antenna to mitigate cable losses.

    If you use an external LNA i'd recommend rtl-sdr v3 dongle.

    But if you don't care much about range, mostly any dongle will do.

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