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Oh it seems you still have an old version, that doesn't handle that properly.
Try these commands:

cd adsb-receiver
git pull

that should give you the current version.

You can get the percentage another way:

You normally need at least a day to compare and even that can be tricky.
Especially because your reception seems rather limited anyway.

Check out this thread:
This information is very helpful.

This is the antenna I am currently using:


It is not yet in its final mounting location. I have it sitting in the top part of a window but plan to move it quite a bit higher. I'm considering outdoor mounting boxes for the Pi once I settle on a location for the antenna. I'm sure outside and higher will give me much better coverage.

I'm also not sure I am getting the gain adjustment correct. Not knowing the following command:

sudo systemctl restart dump1090-fa

I have simply been rebooting the Pi after I made the gain change settings.