Dear all, I am newbie here, I will really appreciate if someone help me in this matter.
I use FR24 website ( using Chrome) for just for hobby, from last couple of days I am having trouble with getting full aircraft info and airport info.
I can see all aircrafts on my screen but when I click on an aircraft, some other application or mobile android system is stopping to pop up information window, only aircraft change color from yellow to red but nothing happen.
Other problem is with search, when I write any airport name/ code, a full airport name show up but once clock on name, nothing happen again, normally, if you click on it, automatically system will take you there.
Everything was fine till couple of days ago, I try my best to figure it out but still fail.
I am using Android 5.1
Chrome 74.0.3729.157
Avast mobile antivirus.

I can understand some application is stopping Fr24 but how to fix it?