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Thread: Very Dim Newbie v What Am I Seeing

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    Hey there knowledgeable people, a very easy one for your today: what language/code are these programs written in? I've tried to compare them to Python, C, C++ & Java (because that is what the Raspberry Pi for dummies talks about) but I can't really tell which language it is. All of this tinkering has re-kindled an interest I had when I learnt BASIC at school and used punched cards to run the programs. I think things have moved on since then but I wouldn't mind learning a bit, instead of typing nano and sudo etc without having a clue what I'm doing.

    Apart from that, Google has been busy today trying to tell me how to (simply) access my network (and therefore my Pi & Dump1090 things) when I'm away from home that's what I normally do

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    Which programs?

    Anyway you can try learning a proper editor first, nano isn't that great.
    Does the command


    work for you?
    You might have to
    sudo apt install vim

    I suppose there is also syntax highlighting for nano if you really don't want to deal with vim

    Edit: I'm guessing you might be looking at script.js in the html portion of dump1090-mutability?
    That's javascript and runs in the browser.

    The console/shell you are using is called bash.

    The install script for my graphs for example is a bash script.
    The plugin for collectd then uses python. (data collection)
    The script to create the images is again a bash script.

    dump1090-mutability is written in C (the main program, not the webinterface)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wiedehopf View Post
    Which programs?

    dump1090-mutability is written in C (the main program, not the webinterface)
    I'm guessing PaulSS is talking about programs such as:


    I've wondered too about the xxxx.c and xxxx.h. You said it was C, and I figured it was that or Python.

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