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The source code is still available, only a slightly modified command to clone/download it has to be used now.

In STEP-2, use this command to download the source code:

## As you have already downloaded empty archieved folder, delete it first
sudo rm -rf dump1090

## Now download the source code by this command:
git clone -b "unmaintained" https://github.com/mutability/dump1090
The folder dump1090 will now have following:

COPYING             dump1090.c
LICENSE             dump1090.h
Makefile            faup1090.c
README-dump1090.md  icao_filter.c
README-json.md      icao_filter.h
README.md           interactive.c
anet.c              mode_ac.c
anet.h              mode_s.c
compat              net_io.c
convert.c           net_io.h
convert.h           public_html
cpr.c               stats.c
cpr.h               stats.h
cprtests.c          tools
crc.c               track.c
crc.h               track.h
debian              util.c
demod_2400.c        util.h
demod_2400.h        view1090.c
So, in principle I can revert to 1.14 if I want my local plots back