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Thread: Opensky-network feeder on Pi24 causes failure of fr24feed

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    Opensky-network feeder on Pi24 causes failure of fr24feed

    Reason of Failure:
    The opensky-network feeder's binary is named openskyd-dump1090. The fr24feeder detects this as some version of dump1090, and does NOT start its integral dump1090-mutability when fr24feed is restarted or RPi is rebooted. This results in failure of all feeders.

    Rename the opensky binary and remove dump1090 part of binary's name, so it changes from openskyd-dump1090 to openskyd. Change also the binary's name in file opensky-feeder.service.

    Following commands will do the job:

    sudo mount -o remount,rw /
    sudo mv /usr/bin/openskyd-dump1090  /usr/bin/openskyd
    sudo sed -i 's/openskyd-dump1090/openskyd/g'  /lib/systemd/system/opensky-feeder.service
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo systemctl restart opensky-feeder 
    sudo systemctl restart fr24feed
    For opensky feeder to get feed from dump1090-mutability, you must add --net in "Process arguments" on following page in your browser:


    By default this field contains:
    --gain -10

    After adding --net it will become
    --gain -10 --net
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