Wonder if anyone can help. So, recently migrated from being a Windows feeder to a Pi feeder. Pi seems to all be setup OK and feeding to FR24.
Using an SBS1-er via Ethernet as my "radio receiver" as such.
I have enabled the Raw Data Output (30002,30334) and also the SBSfeed 10001.
I can run Basestation on my Windows PC, connect to the pi on and Basestation is running 100% fine!
So, decided to use the port 30334 and setup Virtual Radar Server as per the instructions from FR24 paperwork. This is where the problem begins. I am not able to connect and receive data from the Pi on port 30334. The VRS software keeps trying to connect but after a second reverts back to disconnected. This goes from connecting to disconnected to connected again every 2 or 3 seconds.

Any ideas??

Thanks Neil