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Thread: Troubleshooting new setup

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    Troubleshooting new setup

    I installed a Flightradar24 ADS-B receiver less than a week ago. It's "F-KITH1".

    My system is "seeing" a little less than 200 aircraft daily. But on the statistics page it shows “Maximum distance 0nm

    Does this mean there’s something wrong with my setup?

    Are the Signal Levels (below) acceptable?


    Here’s more info:

    Flightradar24 Feeder / Decoder Status
    Updated: Sep 28 2018 12:49:30 GMT
    Main data
    Internet UP
    External IP
    Internal IP
    GPS Signal YES
    FR24 connection YES
    FR24 feeding YES
    MLAT status UP
    FR24 radar code F-KITH1
    Total aircraft tracked 1
    ADS-B 0
    MLAT 1
    Temperature 50.50'C
    GPS info
    GPS position 42.4049, -76.4821 361.0m [AMSL]

    Decoding status GPS/GLONASS Fix
    Antenna present YES
    Antenna port shorted NO
    Satellites used 16
    Signal levels 01=37.0 02=27.0 03=41.0 0B=35.0 16=33.0 33=30.0 49=38.0 52=0.0 53=28.0

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    Unfortunately there is little to diagnose or adjust on F- receivers

    They keep information about them very close to the chest. Best suggestion is contact via support email (per welcome pack) for them to monitor and remote check etc.

    It may also be since you are near a regional US airfield that little traffic is full adsb and mlat or 978Uat only (only contact above is 1 mlat) where distance can't be calculated

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    Just out of curiosity: Where did you install the antenna?

    If i glance it right from the pictures it needs two antennas, a small one for GPS and a bigger one for ADS-B.
    Maybe you accidentally connected them to the port that is meant for the other one and vice versa?

    It seems you have very bad reception which points to a problem with the antenna or cabling.

    But don't take my word for it, you should contact flightradar24 support

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    SOLVED: I don't want to leave this thread hanging without an answer. I discovered that while tightly wrapping the self-alamgamating tape around the Type-N connection at the antenna I broke the cable. New cable solved everything. Thanks to all who helped.

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