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Thread: SBSx & FR24Feed Version check

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    SBSx & FR24Feed Version check

    Hello SBS users (that still stick around)

    We know there is a sudden increase in users discovering the windows feeder suddenly stopped working around 7-May. And as of today only a few will notice by way of their subscription downgrading

    Often users come into the forum for help, get it, and are never seen from again until another issue arises. And usually not confirming the advise given has helped them on their way. Being a community this is.. less than helpful to others coming along with the same issue

    So for those who are still using SBS units, And successfully uploading to FlightRadar, it would be a great help if you could report back here with your setups to assist others. And us, attempting to help others to.

    At the same time, it will help identify if in fact no-one at all is now able to as a result..

    Windows version was at 19-15

    We know the linux .deb package is currently at ver 18-5 - and many report this does not read most SBS data

    A Raspberry pi build was trialed from ver 19-2 and included in Windows and Pi versions from that point - we are assuming this was the working version SBS users were using

    We have managed to make a virtual linux environment under windows, and install the Pi version on it (23-8) but not been tested if it can read/send SBS data.

    I propose, for those who are currently uploading. To please list their setup/version here to find a common trend. In the format of:

    SBS Hardware Version:
    SBS Connected to (Pi, Network attached, or direct USB to PC):
    Basestation Software Running?:
    - if so what feed source option/port
    - if not, what provides the data and format

    ADSB Modifiers Present? (modesmixer etc)

    FR24feed version:
    FR24feed hosted (virtual/RPi):
    FR24feed 'source' details (type/port):
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