After noticing in the logs that my windows fr24feed is now defunct, I plugged my basestation into my ras pi
Yes I did get the software & set up everything, but now I get an authentication failure when the software tries to communicate over usb (I think)
I power the basestation from the Pi & it seems ok (Ive lost the psu anyway & cant remember the DC info )
Not sure if the latest fr24feed version is causing probs. or what??
No little green light (which I think is basestation connected, but I am getting the orange one (usb)
I may have to wait till someone has the same problem & solves it!
Spent all day so far trying different settings, but to no avail.....

Any Ideas Please?
I don't really want to use a dongle & dump s/w - I paid for the basestation SBS1 :-)