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Thread: FlightRadar24 Down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealth View Post
    I guess its a Windows problem :-)
    Amazon I would be hedging my bets on being the issue.

    People think the Cloud is the Holy Grail, until it falls over and you are left in the sand swimming.

    Really, you could take out some key points these days on the Internet and it's done and dusted for most companies.

    The Internet was not about the Cloud.

    Maybe that is what companies factor into it, well if they are all off online, no one will notice we are as well.

    Deflect the heat of an outage on upstream issues.

    End of the day, you are the Host, you need to explain the outage to the users/management.

    Anyway, FR24 will never tell us anyway, happy with your Filtered Feed and Killing Windows Feeding

    Yeah Baby FR24 on a Roll.

    Haven't done this since they killed the App and made it Subscription.

    Aircraft database is something to laugh at, when you look at the others.
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