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Thread: Windows feeder discontinued 7-May-19

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    Quote Originally Posted by abcd567 View Post
    Dont be frustrated.
    You can still feed from Windows computer without "investing" a single penny in other kit.
    Please see Post #1 and Post #2 of this thread:

    Feed options for depreciated windows feeder

    Many thanks for that... but its extra effort, and theres a principal here !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooster View Post
    ...and theres a principal here !
    Well, in this case your stand is right !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rooster View Post
    Many thanks for that... but its extra effort, and theres a principal here !
    I felt and still feel the same. However, I looked at what use I made of FR24 overall and which was my preferred mobile app. My criteria was that it would not cost me anything to switch, but a bit of effort (and self-education) was acceptable. Neither Oracle VM or a linux image cost anything and if I had hindsight, its a fairly quick and simple process.

    So basically nothing has changed on my Windows set up, same people get feeds, just FR24 feeder sitting on the VM. The linux installation may also be useful for other things in the future.

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    Not everyone.

    That never happens to me.
    Mine has worked fine for years without issue.

    I certainly will not be changing to any other systems, so it's goodbye for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by abcd567 View Post
    I am not sure of the real reason for FR24 to discontinue Windows feed, but one reason seems to be there: whenever Windows10 updates, it replaces dvb-t's custom driver "zadig" by Microsoft's generic driver, forcing users to reinstall "zadig" after updates of Win10.

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    It is funny. I use Linux but it writes about windows feeder
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    Aww bugger them then. I'm going back to RTL190. It's got better range anyway.

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    I've received the notification about deactivation on 7 may.
    Thank You FR24!

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    Well, FR24 - thank you!
    You buried yourself.

    I gave you feed during the last 5 years 24/7.
    How much you earned on advertising broadcasting data from such as I enthusiasts who gave you the data for free and only occasionally using the privileges of a business account. Not enough for you?
    Instead of fixing the customer under win decided to go the other way? Good luck!

    I have an unaffected Raspberry PI that I could set up to broadcast to you. But at the moment there is no time, nor what is most important - desire, as you put a large community in front of the fact - we do not need you anymore.
    You have forgotten the basis that this resource has generated in the first place the community, a large part of which You just left behind.
    Moreover, none of the users of win did not keep the machine 27/7 only for broadcasting on FR24, and used the resources in parallel and for other tasks, I doubt that all rush to move to other platforms at the expense of other interests.
    I perfectly understand, that I only a drop in sea and my opinion little whom interested in, but it has the right on existence.
    Maybe someday I will be angry because of this attitude (and I'm not quite a young man and there is not teenage hormones), I calm down and I will be broadcast on a different platform or hardware, possible I got one of these, but again, dramatically fell off the desire.
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    Thank You and good Luck!

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    I understand the sentiments.

    It's a bit like the UK government planning to scrap the one and two penny coins. The use of cash is reducing as more people use cards and contactless payments. Scrapping the one and two penny coins made economic sense, a "no-brainer". But.

    The collateral damage was too risky and might upset too many voters, especially for a weakened political party. So, despite all the justifiable reasons, the government decided to retain the coins.

    If I were in charge at FR24, which obviously I'm not, I'd have fixed whatever problems were associated with the Windows feeder and kept it as an option. Sometimes the PR value is worth the effort. .

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    Guessing the 14th will see a spike. 7 days after no upload people who upload blind accts for premium only will downgrade and trigger.

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