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    No data

    Apologies in advance if this is a common problem.

    So I'm using win10, nooelec nesdr mini 2 usb, it's rtl2832U

    I've downloaded the zadig 2.4 drivers, initially I was getting 'connection terminated' all the time but I read about unchecking the hub part when installing and reinstalled the drivers and got further along.

    I've ran dump1090 and it's found the rtl283, when I was first trying to run dump it would just load the page and stop.

    Now I'm getting

    Eggp169@185. Etc etc
    Connected via UDP (FD 1060)
    Ping 1
    Syncing stream result 1
    Ping 2
    Syncing stream result 2

    And it keeps going, any help much appreciated

    Thanks and apologies if you keep getting threads like this, I have looked around and seem to have got a little further than 'connection terminated'

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    2016-01-27 00:35:36 | [feed][n]ping 1
    2016-01-27 00:36:06 | [feed][n]ping 2
    2016-01-27 00:36:36 | [feed][n]ping 3
    2016-01-27 00:37:06 | [feed][n]ping 4
    2016-01-27 00:37:36 | [feed][n]ping 5
    2016-01-27 00:38:06 | [feed][n]ping 6
    2016-01-27 00:38:36 | [feed][n]ping 7
    No data is being received by hardware to upload
    - Check connections
    - Incorrect data format received from receiver or software for chosen receiver type
    - Wrong port/type specified from software supplying data
    - Windows assigned wrong USB ID to DVBT stick
    Some causes/effect
    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers

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    Thanks for the reply

    It started working about 1 minute after starting the thread but as I was on mod approval the thread wasn't live to post back.


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