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Thread: Brutal performance variations

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    You can just copy the html folder somewhere, upgrade to 1.15 and then copy your own html folder back overwriting the new javascript stuff.

    So you can always try that, not too complicated

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1l2p View Post
    I have another feeder v1.15 that runs at the same time and has no problem.
    Quote Originally Posted by 1l2p View Post
    Before switching to 1.15 version, I only see two things left to test, changing the Pi itself and its power supply.
    Ah, I thought you'd already changed the Pi. In that case definitely worth changing over - maybe just the power supply first as they are known to cause issues if under powered.

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    I have another type of performance problem with my set up....
    Flight Aware stick on an external USB HUB with external Power Supply, latest image on RPi 3B (not plus).
    I have run this setup since January, I do weekly statistics with data from FR24 statistics web page.
    In february, i noticed a decrease of maximum distances. Initially I had around 250 nm as a weekly average with number of hits >200 nm at around 1000 per day. I have seen a slow decrease of these numbers during the month of February, last week of the month my max distance was down to 200 nm and number of hits >200 nm was almost down to zero. I have restarted RPi many times, also cold start of USB HUB but still poor performance.

    2 days ago I switched stick to my Windows PC, installed FR24 feed software and from the very start I am now back to initial performances.

    Looks that the RPi environment is giving a few problem with performance.

    Anybod else who have seen this behaviour ??


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    The FlightAware Pro Sticks (with on-board amp) draw more power that other SDR devices. The RPi needs a power supply rated at 5.1v 2.5 amps. Using a USB hub or cable to connect the Pro Stick to the RPi can affect performance.

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    Thanks for your response, I'm now setting up a new installation on RPi 3B with the original Power Supply, running some gain optmizations and it looks pretty good so far.

    What I could not understand in the previous setup was the slow detoriation of performance, about 30 % or so over a month......

    Anyway, thanks !

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    I did not observe slow performance drifts yet, it would require a stable analysis over a long period. I was waiting to have a longer overview before doing a feedback, because I also set up a powered USB hub (12V x 4A, with some ferrites cores on all cables). The RPi 3B+ power supply is still a 2.5A. For a week now, I no longer observe the problems of sudden variation and I did not have to disconnect the antenna once again.

    I even see improvement in average distance performance. The number of planes above 50nm is now higher than the nearest ones, and their number has greatly increased.

    I also note that the aberrant records that completely distorted the statistics have disappeared for a week. I no longer get this daily ultra-short-time data between 300 and 350nm. I don't know if it's related to the HUB and its more stable power supply, but everyone knows what I'm talking about. These bogus data should have been be filtered for a long time right? ;-)

    I am also wary of weather conditions that seem to have a significant influence (in addition to holiday-related air traffic). We have just gone from a very good weather to a big depression for a week. So let's wait a little longer before drawing definitive conclusions.

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