Figured have a chat here rather than polluting the Dbase section..

Does it come of a concern to anyone else how close we are to the mandates around the planet to requirement to have full WORKING ADSB transponders we are, yet the operators and owners - who are at the hands of the safety of themselves and others don't seem to be grasping the importance of the requirements?

I know the 'rest of the world' doesn't usually concern themselves/recognise the FAA. But they do tend to have their own administration with the role of Aircraft management. Or presumably arranging intercontinental movements/flightplans wouldn't happen?..

I wouldn't have expected a group of hobbiests at home who don't themselves fly (the majority that is), to seemingly be at the forefront to be the ones able to spot and advise operators (there appears to have been a recent increase in owner/operators installing/taking over newer ADSB units?) that the configuration they're attempting to continue with jepordises the mandates.

I've seen numerous FAA run case studies around inconsistencies with South America (and others) and the difficulty with aligning a proper registrar management and allocation. Surprisingly, it appears to be only Mexico that has an impending deadline

They seem to be able to control those who actively request checks for errors and advise to remedy, but it seems unless you are TXing your true tailnumber for the flight for ATC to advise or contact each operators register to advise the owner there doesn't seem to be a way to track back who the wrong ones are and get them changed.

Bit of a worry when we've been able to on a public forum huh?