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Thread: How often do airliner near misses happen over the Atlantic?

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    How often do airliner near misses happen over the Atlantic?

    Last time I flew, on August 11 last year, I was on Norwegian Air Gatwick to Denver DI7171. Daytime flight.
    About half way over I was startled to see a green and white plane that I have since tracked down via this site to be the Aer Lingus return flight EI144 from LAX to Dublin. It was visible over the starboard wing, flying in the exact opposite direction to us.
    What startled me was the lack of height difference between us. I am not experienced in visual judgement of distances. Its horizontal distance was obviously something within a mile. It was only visible through the porthole for less that 3 seconds.
    According to FR24 records on Aug 11 its height should have been 39K and ours was 38K. It would be futile to try to convince an expert that the height separation was insufficient, all I can say is that 1000 feet is about 5 times the length of the Airbus 330 and this plane seemed significantly less than five times its length in height separation.
    I just wondered if anyone had any comment?

    I tried to attach an image, not of the actual incident but a fairly comparable image of a plane at a similar elevation, but this is my first post and I don't think I am allowed yet.
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