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Thread: FR24 feed side-by-side with RTL-SDR package

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiedehopf View Post
    Ok so it seems the commands used by Oblivian won't do an unconditional reinstall.
    You can use this command instead. (the -dev packages are not strictly needed as they are only for compiling stuff as far as i know, but they don't hurt either)

    apt-get install --reinstall librtlsdr0 rtl-sdr librtlsdr-dev libusb-1.0

    Make sure to change the config of fr24feed first, because the install routine seems to be triggered whenever fr24feed is restarted and dvbt as config option is selected.

    If the video you mentioned made you install a self compiled version of any of the libraries you might need to reinstall those instead.
    Hey, what, not guilty

    Was just the examples from the 1.15 install page of one of the packages that breaks when installing FR24 Didn't intend for them to be run as part of a fixit /amended
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