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Thread: Radio receivers in Thailand, license or not

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    Radio receivers in Thailand, license or not


    I did recently move to Thailand.
    I'm working on a ADS-B setup with FR24 feeder.

    Somebody told me that you must have a license from Thai Transport Ministery just for owning a "Radio Communication Receiver" which can listen to frequencies outside public radio/TV bands.

    Someone in Thiland who knows what is required?. Just putting up an 1090 antenna on the roof might have the police come wondering whats going on....


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    I can't vouch for the currency of the linked document:

    From experience, in for example drone operations, Thailand has a few gaps in its legal framework with new technology. However, ADS-B reception would probably be covered by the existing radio legislation. A general comment is that it would be very unlikely a small antenna would attract attention, unless a neighbour didn't like it and complained. In addition, asking government departments difficult questions generally causes a 'no' or long term prevarication. It pays to maintain a low profile in Thailand.

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