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"actual data from receivers rather than external data" What data are you refering to? Can you give an example?
"I have to use one of the same data suppliers that FR24 uses, their errors are exactly the same as the errors I see here" What data source? Can you give an example of an error?
"reported in the DB error thread numerous times when one aircraft is doing two flights due to the mix of data sources" Can you give an example?

"But any mention of it and the posts are usually deleted, as you well know Mike." The forum rules are quite simple. You are free to discsuss in 1000000 threads in the forum, just keep the discussion out of 2 threads.

"one aircraft is doing two flights due to the mix of data sources" bug reports like this is like looking for needle in a haystack. Screenshots, links, flightid helps a lot in finding and understanding problems.
Here is a post that you or your little monkeys didn't delete, rabbit from hat https://forum.flightradar24.com/thre...l=1#post109183

Screenshot shows that if you had used your own data as a priority rather than external data the aircraft wouldn't be doing two flights at once. The external data supplier had the same registration allocated to two aircraft that's where the problem stems from, its happened multiple times, their issue not yours. External scheduling data gets confused and as a by product you end up with screwy flight history or ghost flights.

Your probably stuck with this issue, unless the developers can find a way of separating the data feeds so that your propitiatory data takes precedence on actual flights and the external data is used for future scheduling.

I also report the same errors to the supplier, that's how I solve your problems for you.

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