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Thread: How do you connect Base Station to the fr24 feeder?

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    I got it to work already!

    I found another article from sonicgoose about modesmixer. And just like you said Anmer and Oblivian, I noted the data flow.

    Here's how I did it:
    I modified Anmer's flow diagram a bit and followed sonicgoose's instructions. I did SDR --> RTL1090 --> ModeSMixer --> BaseStation and FR24 feeder.
    The data that modesmixer outputs to basestation is sbs10001 type data and is fed through a different port to the FR24 feeder.

    Here's a screenshot of it working now. (This is after days of researching and working with waypoints and outlines, and reading bones aviation page)

    Anyway, thanks very much Oblivian and Anmer.
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