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Thanks Mike

If they are manually added then surely its better to add all the details? If the details cant be proved then how do we know the registrations that are being added are correct? I can see errors, registrations have been given to ground vehicles and other real aircraft have incorrect registrations applied (without any other information)

A good example here, one of your guys has recently given a registration to a ground test signal


As I said if your team are adding correct registration data, that's good and helpful. But they need to check what they are adding is correct data to start with.

Can we add registration only data if we know it to be correct and the type not known?
Of course it's best to have all data, 100% correct, real time, no errors and so one. But let's be realistic. We currently have 1.115.005 rows (1.1 million) of data (aircraft) from 250 countries. Less than 10 of these countries have official databases containing the ModeS/Hex-code. Probably 200+ countries don't even have an public official aircraft registration database. Probably 100+ aircraft are built, scraped or change ownership every day. According to FAA up to 30% of US registered aircraft are transmissing incorrect ADS-B data. Today we have 16.511 ModeS/Hex-codes tagged as incorrect. No one is able to check, verify or confirm all data that is available, submitted or processed. The database is maintained by 20+ people doing their best. If you find incorrect data please report it.