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Thread: How to feed from another computer connected to other network?

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    Exclamation How to feed from another computer connected to other network?

    I have already configured to feed information from my ADS-B (provided by Flightaware) to Flightradar24, but I found out that I must have a 24/7 connection to the Internet so that the information is shared, and I have the following qusetions:

    1. Is there any way that information can be shared from the ADS-B without having to be connected to the internet 24/7 from the computer with the application open?
    2. Does the computer with the Flightradar application always have to be in the same network that the ADS-B?

    3. Can I set up the laptop of my office in my house to configure the ADS-B and transmit information from the network of my place of work?

    I want to keep sharing information from my ADS-B but I could only use it at night when I have the computer available in my house connected to the same ADS-B network

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    Sending/receiving data from a network source will always add delays to the data. Which is time critical and be less useful. More so for remote off network/remote sources.

    If it is of that much concern the best bet is to get a raspberrypi and 2nd dongle. Low power and maintenance while being able to run 24/7

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